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Last 5 received/Sent Emails IPAQ pocket IE page/script

I been playing around with some WebDAV code with Pocket IE (on a IPAQ)to display a screen that shows me the last 5 emails I received and the last 5 I sent. Because my IPAQ sits on my desk most of the day doing nothing I found this pretty handy as it alloys me to see at a glance which bit of email I need to take action on and what I've replied to recently. Geting the code to work inside of pocket IE was a little bit of a challendge had to switch to using Jscript and I found out that a few things that worked fine in the desktop version of IE don't work the way you really want them to (or at all) in the pocket version of IE but I did manage to come up with the following piece of working code. Basically what it does is performs two separate WebDAV queries the first one of the Inbox and then the Sent Items folder. I used the Range header to limit the result set of the queries to 5 rows. The Range header is pretty cool it kind of a sudo SQL TOP statement. I've added some simple H

Listing the file sizes of all Exchange Stores on all Exchange Servers in a Domain

One of the things that I've found missing from the Exchange Management GUI's has been the ability to get the physical size of the database files (especially when you have multiple servers to manage). None of the Exchange API's accessible with script offer this type of information either. I've found two methods you can use to grab this information via a script, the first is when the information store performs a backup via the Exchange Backup API one of the events it logs is event code 220 which states the size of each file before it is backed up. The other method is to connect to the file using the FSO object in VBS and grab the size of the file directly. I've expanded this second method into a script that first queries for all the msExchPrivateMDB and msExchPulicMDB objects in Active Directory using ADSI. Then using the msExchEDBFile, msExchSLVFile and msExchOwningServer AD properties constructs the URL to be able to connect to each file remotely and report on th

Getting Meeting Attendee status and roles through WebDAV

When you send out meeting or appointment invites to people and they are accepted or denied by users the status of there acceptance (and their role in the Meeting) is stored in the recipients collection of the appointment object. In CDOEX you have a few interfaces that allow you to interrogate and retrieve this information via the IAppointment and IAttendee interfaces. EG set apptobj = createobject("CDO.Appointment") "file://./backofficestorage/" for each attend in apptobj.Attendees wscript.echo attend.address wscript.echo attend.role wscript.echo attend.status next In WebDAV access to the recipients collection of a message is very limited and usually all you can retrieve is the email address and or displayname of each attendee. A while ago I blogged this about a method of accessing a meeting resource's email address by using the vCalendar body part of an appointment. The attendee statu
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