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A look into Conversations with EWS and Powershell in a Mailbox

Conversation views in email clients have become par for the course these days, while I'm personally not a great fan it can be a useful feature to use when looking at Mailbox data. With EWS from Exchange 2010 you can use the dedicated EWS operations which are documented  . In Exchange 2013 the conversation operations have been enhanced to offer more functionality such as the ability to use an AQS QueryString to filter the results plus also the ability to apply actions to conversation like applying categories or a specific retention tag. One interesting thing you can apply these conversation operations to is looking at Mailbox statistics in a different way by looking at the operation of Mailboxes to see how engaged the owners or users of the Mailboxes are, by seeing how engaged in the conversation that are happening in the Mailbox. eg The FindConversation operation in Exchange will return information suc

Searching based on Categories in EWS

The Categories or Keywords properties on a Mailbox Item is one of the more commonly used Item properties in Exchange. When you want to search for Items with a particular Category set it does present some challenges in EWS. With EWS you have 3 different search methods, the first being Restrictions (or SearchFilter's if your using the Managed API) that work like MAPI restrictions although you can't build restriction that are 100% equivalent to what you can in MAPI. One particular case is with the Categories property, because this is a Multi-Valued property (or String Array) the IsEqual and Contains Restrictions wont work like the Sproperty restriction in MAPI So the next type of Search you can do is a Search of a Mailbox folder using an AQS querystring which essentially does an Index search. Because the Categories property is an Indexed property this will work fine for Categories. The thrid type of Sea
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