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Looking at the Email sentiment analysis properties in Office365 with EWS and REST

Sentiment analysis which means looking at a block of text and telling if this is Negative or Positive (okay oversimplified but the Wikipedia page has a good basic introduction into this ) has been one of the standout applications of Machine learning for the last couple of years. If your a observer of what MAPI properties are available on Messages in your Inbox in Office365 like me you may have noticed a new one appear recently on some messages which is the Sentiment analysis of the body Text of an email eg Before I go any further everything I'm talking about in this post is from observation only and none of this as far as I know is documented anywhere. The entity extraction part of this is documented and is a relative new feature that can be used in Addin's (or other applications) . Entity extraction is one of those cool power u

Generic Toolbox script for using EWS to enumerate Folders and Items in an Exchange Mailbox

There's a old saying that a tradesmen is only as good as their tools and the same can be said for ITPro's and developers. You can save yourself a lot of time when investigating particular tasks you want a script by having something ready built that can do 90% of task at hand.  I've decided to share a script that I use quite often during the investigation phase of any EWS scripting tasks that allows you to generically grab a folder (or collection of Folders) and the Items within those folder. While this is something that can be put together quite quickly together using snippets there always tends to be extra properties that you need for different tasks so the generic script I'm showing today includes all the niceties kind of like having the right sized spanner rather the shifter. So the script in question can be found on GitHub here So what can it do Connect and show the properties
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