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Exchange 2007/2010 iPhone activesync discovery script

Update ** There is one problem with the script in this post in that its doesn't pick up the updates to the O/S as pointed out in . So the only 100% way would be to parse the IIS logs where you can grab the same information about the devices. I'll try to post a script that does parsing that should work on 2003 up. Thanks also to Dennis who sent another version of the script I've added to the download that give enhanced reporting** ** New scripted posted for IIS logs ** On January 9, 2007 Apple released their first iphone and unleashed on the world what is arguably one of the most successful user mobile devices on the planet (I'm not arguing technical merit here just end user experience). Kind of like a virus these phones have spread throughout corporations and into every nook and cranny some with the IT departments blessing othe

Multi-User quick create Powershell form for Exchange 2007

One of the more mind numbing tasks that Exchange administrators perform is creating new users and mailboxes. If you've ever been asked to create 5-10 users at the same time and are staring at a number of very repedative mouse clicks especially if you detests wizards then this script can help out. This is version 2 of this script i created a number of years ago that allowed creating just one user at at time this improves on this original idea by using a Datagrid instead so allowing you to enter multiple users and being able to create the users with just one click (well hopefully). Its also quite usefull in development enviroments where you might want to create a large number of users at once. The script itself is fairly simple in that it just wrappers a simple Winform around the create mailbox command and users a Datagrid for multiline input. I've put a download of the code here the script itself looks like [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Drawing&
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