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Multi Tabbed FreeBusy/OOF Board

In the past I've posted scripts for a Free-Busy Board and an OOF Board which uses the EWS Managed API and PowerShell. The following is a combination of the two that displays the OOFStatus of the user combined with their FreeBusy and Calendar Appointments in a Tabbed based output eg To build the list of Mailboxes to create the Tabs the script uses a Distribution list and the ExpandDL operation which will retrieve a collection of SMTP address's for the members of the group. It then uses the GetUserAvailblity operation and MailTips operation to build the output. To run the script you need to use the SMTPAddress of mailbox you want the script to run as and the SMTPAddress of the Distribution list to expand. eg fbooftabs.ps1 I've put a download of this script here the code itself looks like $tbRptSourceHeader =@ '   <!DOCTYPE html>   <html lang="en">   <head>   <style>   body   {  
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