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Public Folder EWS How-To rollup Part 1

As Public Folders are now new again in Exchange 2013, I thought I'd put together a post that covered how you can go about accessing and doing certain things with Public folders via EWS and Powershell. Although the underlying way in which Public Folders are now delivered in Exchange 2013 is vastly different from previous version of Exchange the way in which you access them Programmatically in EWS hasn't changed since Exchange 2007. So if your worried about your 2007 EWS code not working against 2013 don't only some minor changes maybe needed. (although if you have WebDAV code your going to need to rewrite this). Choosing the Right API Method for what you want to do The big thing when your considering creating a Public Folder application is to understand and choose the correct API for what you want to do. Eg if you want to write an application that is going to manage Public Folders eg Size/creation/deletion/Mail-Enable and folders permissions then EWS or MAPI are not the
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