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Changing Folder and Calendar Permissions in Exchange using the EWS Managed API and powershell

While Exchange 2010 provides some really good cmdlets now for setting and changing folder permissions such as Set-MailboxFolderPermission . Using EWS to do this can still be useful in circumstances where the cmdlets can't be used or your having problems with localized folder names or you want to take advantage of EWS Impersonation to get around any issues your having with acquiring the correct rights to make the changes you might need. I'll look at the example of changing the default calendar permissions of the default ACL on the calendar as this is one of the harder things to do and there are a few points that can catch you out. First point is that when you modify permissions with EWS you basically grab the DACL from the server make your changes locally to the DACL and the post it back in a Update Folder operation. This means the logic you use on the client side needs to be up to dealing with this. The permissions ob
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