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Exchange 2010 GAL vcard export script

To round out the Vcard export scripts as many people are still running Exchange 2010 here's a Remote powershell script that will allow you to export Mailboxes (or contacts) from Active directory to Vcards and also include the GAL Photo from the AD thumbnail property if set.  The script uses the Get-User Exchange Management Shell cmdlet to get all the Mailboxes details to include in the Vcard file and also use LDAP to read the AD thumbnailPhoto (if its been set). before you run this script make sure you set the following variable to the directory you want the vcards exported to $exportFolder = "c:\temp\" You need to run this script from within the Exchange Management Shell or a Remote Powershell session I've put a download of this script here the code looks like $exportFolder  =  "c:\temp\"   $Mailboxes = Get-User -RecipientTypeDetails UserMailbox    foreach($Mailbox in $Mailboxes){       try{                          $DisplayName = 

EWS Contact Vcard Export script

A couple of months ago I posted a Vcard export script for exporting the Global Address list from Exchange 2013/ExchangeOnline using EWS's findPeople operation. To round this script out I thought I'd post another script that allows you to export from a Mailbox's Contacts Folder using EWS's built in ability to export the Contact's MimeData as a Vcard as explained in  . This script is pretty simple it just  Binds to the contacts folder of the Target mailbox Enumerates the contacts in the contacts folders Gets the MimeContent of each of the contacts and saves that as a vcard To run this script just pass the primarySMTPAddress of the mailbox you want it to run against and the directory to export to eg ./exportVcardEWS.ps1 c:\vcardexports I've put a download of this script here the code looks like ## Get the Mailbox to Access from the 1st comm
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