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Using the Office365/Exchange 2016 REST API to access Mailbox data using PowerShell part 3

In Part 1 of this continuing series I looked at the basics of accessing a Mailbox using the new REST api in PowerShell with Exchange and in Part 2 accessing all the mailboxes in a tenant as an Administrative application using Certificate authentication. In this installment I've expanded the REST PowerShell module to encompass most of the common data operations like enumerating Folder and Items. Getting a folder from Path A common thing you might want to do with a script that accesses a Mailbox is access a non default folder eg say a folder that a user or application has created in the Inbox. To access a folder with the REST api you need to first know the Id of that particular folder. With the WellKnownFolders in a Mailbox you can use the constants such as Inbox,SentItems etc but for non default folders you need some code that will first find the Id of the Folder by searching for the folder in question in each of the parent folders. I've added a function in the Rest module

Using the Archive Item operation in EWS

As there has been a bit of talk about archiving lately and the new Archive Folder vs the Online Archive in Office365  and  .I'd though I'd do a post about the Archive Item operation in EWS which was introduced in Exchange 2013 and is an interesting lever for admins to use if they want to look a manually archiving items to a Mailboxes online archive without using Archive Policies. The Archive Item operation is basically designed to allow you to move items from the Primary to the Online Archive more easily instead of having to batch a Move operation. To use this operation you need to enumerate the Items you want to archive (using a search filter or other restriction) and then provide that as one of the inputs for archive Items as longs as the folder where the Items are being archive
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