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FreeBusy In/Out Board for Exchange 2007 using EWS and Powershell

Update version see here Firstly this isn't a new idea there's been a similar script on CDO live for years that uses CDO 1.2. I've had a couple of people ask about doing this in Powershell and EWS using the new availability service on 2007 so here it is. How does it work To get the Free/Busy status of another mailbox in Exchange you need to make use of the getuseravailability operation in EWS. To be able to query another users availability you must have been granted rights to the free/busy information for that users Mailbox by default the default ACL gives users the right to see Free/Busy availability but not the newer Subject and Location information made available in 2007. To change the default Free/Busy Permission you can use something like this post A more granular approach would be to assign these rights to a specific user or group eg something like this would add a group to calendar if it didn't exist [void][Reflection.Assemb

Importing and Synchronizing Contacts from a CSV (Outlook Express Export) into Exchange 2007 (private Contacts Folder or Public Contacts Folder) using

Following on from last week I’m going to put the Sync function I created into use and also show you how to create a contact in Powershell with a few lines of code using some wrappered EWS code I’ve put into my EWSUtil powershell library. I’ve also include some code to create a grouped list of contacst flagged with a custom property to allow full sync eg create if don’t exist create , delete if deleted from the syncfile and do property level changes if phone, address of name information is modified. I’ve used a csv file generated by doing an export in Outlook Express but this could be any csv file from any source. Before we can use this process we need to set the target folder to where the contacts will be imported to or where the contacts we are going to sync with are located. For a local users contact folder something like this is needed. $lcLocalContactFolderid = new-object EWSUtil.EWS.DistinguishedFolderIdType $lcLocalContactFolderid .Id = [EWSUtil.EWS.DistinguishedFolderIdN
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