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Reporting on the Favorites Shortcut items in Outlook, OWA and Outlook Mobile using PowerShell and EWS

One of the email UI features that I find the most useful in Outlook on the Web and Outlook mobile is the People favorites feature which saves having to do a search for historical email from particular high use contacts. Favorites is a feature that has evolved especially in Outlook on the web and Outlook mobile eg People/Persona favorites and category favorites. The way this is implemented in the Mailbox is interesting eg   People/Persona favorites get their own search folder under the favoritePersonas Folder in the Non_IPM_Subtree in a Mailbox eg As well as a configuration object under the  \ApplicationDataRoot\32d4b5e5-7d33-4e7f-b073-f8cffbbb47a1\outlookfavorites eg The configuration object is of interest as this tells as a lot about what type of favorites are being created and used in a Mailbox. It also can serve in a custom app if you want to reproduce the same type of favorites folder tree (you will need to use EWS for this as the Graph API is unfortunately hamstrung for this type

How to access and restore deleted Items (Recoverable Items) in the Exchange Online Mailbox dumpster with the Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell

As the information on how to do this would cover multiple posts, I've bound this into a series of mini post docs in my GitHub Repo to try and make this subject a little easier to understand and hopefully navigate for most people.   The Binder index is   The topics covered are How you can access the Recoverable Items Folders (and get the size of these folders)  How you can access and search for items in the Deletions and Purges Folders and also how you can Export an item to an Eml from that folder How you can Restore a Deleted Item back to the folder it was deleted from (using the Last Active Parent FolderId) and the sample script is located
All sample scripts and source code is provided by for illustrative purposes only. All examples are untested in different environments and therefore, I cannot guarantee or imply reliability, serviceability, or function of these programs.

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