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Sent and Received Time on a Message and EWS

This one has come up a couple of times for me over the last couple of weeks so I thought I'd put together a post to expand on the Subject a little. The easiest place to start before talking about Exchange is to look at a ordinary MIME message and its associated headers. In a MIME message there is one Message date  header  which outlines " Specifies the date and time at which the creator of the message indicated that the message was complete and ready to enter the mail delivery system " which is a way of saying that its the Sent Time. eg In a Message Subject: Re: Oh no Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 18:44:52 +1000 Message-ID: < >  As the Message traverses various MTA's along the way to its final destinations, Received headers with dates are added to the Transport Headers  of a message indicating the date\time a particular MTA's processed the message eg

Getting Folder Sizes and other Stats via EWS with Powershell

Somebody asked a question the other week about getting all the Folder Sizes via EWS which you can do easily using the PR_MESSAGE_SIZE_EXTENDED property and FindFolders operation (you can also get the folder size's using the Exchange Management Shell via Get-MailboxFolderStatistics cmdlet). But there is some other interesting stuff you can get via EWS that you can't from the EMS cmdlet such as the Default FolderClass (eg the PR_CONTAINER_CLASS_W ) which will tell you what items are being stored in that particular Folder (although as documented it's not a mandatory property although its absence in the past has caused problem in OWA etc). Another property that looks interesting but doesn't seem to be well documented is the PR_ATTACH_ON_NORMAL_MSG_COUNT which appears to the be the total number of attachments on messages in that folder including seemly inline attachment (Note I can't confirm this a
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