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Dumping out the MailTips for all the recipients using EWS and Powershell

MailTip's are a feature in Exchange from 2010 that gives you extra information when sending a message. In a pervious post I showed how you can use these to get the Outlook of Office status for a user using MailTips in EWS. In this Post I have a sample for going through and dumping out all the MailTips for all the Recipients in Exchange (that are feed in using Get-Recipient to include Contacts, Distribution list and any other type of recipeint) and produces an output like      Because there are no classes in the EWS Managed API to use MailTips so I'm just using Raw SOAP to send the MailTips request and then parse the XML result that comes back. With MailTips you can only request a max of 100 results at a time so there is some code to split the request up in batches of 100 if there are more the 100 entries. I've put a download of this script here the script looks like ## Get the Mailbox to Access from the 1st commandline argument $MailboxName = $args [0]
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