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Mailbox Info Mail app for Exchange 2013/Outlook 2013

Mail Apps for Outlook (and OWA) is one of the really cool new features of Exchange 2013.Anybody who has every had to do any OWA customization using forms from Exchange 2003 to 2010 would be glad to see they have finally gone past their used by date and Mail Apps provides the promise of a unified custom app framework across mail clients. At RTM the feature set gap compared to currently what you can do in Outlook Plugins and full access to all EWS operations is substantial (and frustrating) and a show stopper for a lot of good application ideas, but hopefully this will narrow somewhat like a lot of Exchange features when we see new bits and pieces come through in the new cumulative updates.  Mail Apps have three main ingredients A manifest file which is what is used to install a Mail App and contains all the configuration and activation rules for the Mail App A html file that is rendered by the Mail client and controls the display elements. JavaScript files that are bascially the h

Creating a Report of the WhiteSpace in all the PST's and OST in the default Outlook profile

One of my favorite development utilities is mfcMapi which along with OutlookSpy are invaluable utilities to use when doing any Exchange development. Along with mfcMapi Stephan also has a utility called mrMapi which provides console access to a number of useful MAPI functions . Last week he added a new feature to report on the files sizes and white-space inside a PST or OST based on the Header information in the file . I thought this was a really useful thing as it can be a little bit confounding sometimes looking at PST files that have been produced by exporting a Mailbox and comparing that against the actual mailbox size. So I decided to put a script together that would get all the PST and OST file paths for default Outlook profile. Run those filepaths through mrMapi and parse console Output and the put together a HTML report of the information that ended up looking something l
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