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Showing the Calendar Configuration of a Mailbox or Meeting Room using EWS

When you configure Calendar processing settings in Exchange either using the Exchange Administrator Centre via the Exchange Management Shell (Set-CalendarProcessing) many of these setting get held in a FAI (Folder Associated Item) in the Calendar Folder of the Mailbox in question. In EWS you can access these configuration objects using the UserConfiguration operation and classes. The Calendar settings are stored in the Roaming Dictionary format to store each of the different Key and Value pairs. For some of the settings like the bookin policy (In-policy meeting requests) and (Out-of-policy meeting requests) these are stored as an array of ExchangeDn's. I've put together a script cmdlet called Show-CalendarSettings that can dump out the Roaming dictionary setting for a Calendar Configuration object using EWS. And also for the BookIn and RequestIn policy it will loop through each of the ExchangeDn's in the array and try to resolve each of the entries via ResolveName . A

Finding RMS Items in a Mailbox using EWS

If you want to search for emails that have been protected using AD Rights Managed Service using EWS there are a few challenges. How RMS works with Email it is documented in the following Exchange Protocol document . The important part when it comes to searching is PidNameContentClass property  which on RMS messages gets set to rpmsg.message. So to search for this Internet Header you can use a SearchFilter like the following to define the ExtendProperty to search folder $contentclassIh = New-Object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ExtendedPropertyDefinition( [Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.DefaultExtendedPropertySet] :: InternetHeaders, "content-class" , [Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.MapiPropertyType] :: String) ; $sfItemSearchFilter = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.SearchFilter+IsEqualTo( $contentclassIh , &q
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