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Oversize mail reporting with Monad

These days spikes in email traffic could mean anything from its Valentine's Day and your email server is being flooded with Ecards, newsletters or the latest funny video clip that people just had to send to every person in there contacts list. So when you receive that call that email is slow message tracking is a good place to start. The one bad thing is that while the Message Tacking Center GUI is functional it lacks the basic ability to export the logs. Which is exactly what I wanted to do this week so I could ship it off to someone to say here’s your problem “with the tag so do you still think having no message restrictions is a good idea“. The good thing about message tracking logs is that they are accessible using WMI so running quick live reports is pretty easier with a script. Last month Microsoft planked out Beta 3 of monad so I thought it was time to update and give it another test drive with this task. Msh’s ability to present things in a tabular format is very cool the

Aggregating RSS feeds into a public folder via a script

Recently a few people have asked me if I had a script that could store the content of a RSS feeds in a public folder. Initially I was puzzled as to why you would want to do this but when you start to look at the problems RSS can cause in large networks it started to make a lot more sense. After going though the issues of building the script and testing how some RSS aggregators work and the way different people support publishing feeds it became a lot clearer that RSS as a standard can cause a lot of problems. I guess because of the fast pace of RSS adoption its shown up holes in the initial design. If your interested do a search on Google for bandwidth usage of RSS the Blogspear has been bashing this out for the last couple of years. The Script An overview of what this script does is it takes a RSS feed and a pubic folder as command-line parameter and then synchronizes the content of the feed with a public folder by creating or modifying posts. The script uses the Msxml2.XMLHTTP.4.0 ob
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