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Building a Microsoft Teams Tab Application that uses the Graph API and Exchange OOF data

Over the years I've created a few different versions of In/Out boards like this that have used Exchange FreeBusy information to present the In/Out status for Users. In this post I am going to look at how you can create the same thing in Microsoft Teams using a Team's tab application that will call some Microsoft Graph endpoints that will first get the members of a particular Team, then there OOF MailTip to determine if they have an AutoResponse set and finally get there userphoto. The end results is a board that looks like this Team's Tab Applications Team's tab apps are very simular to the Add in's framework used across other Office365 products that utilize JavaScript and html to provide a consistent approach across desktop and web clients. However because teams is fairly new the underlying client SDK isn't as feature rich or mature as you would find for example with Exchange/Outlook. Some examples of this is there is no way to get the members of a Team

Using Message and Adaptive Cards with Powershell in Email and Microsoft Teams in Office365

Cards are "a user-interface (UI) container for short or related pieces of information ref " which there are currently two formats for, MessageCards and AdativeCards . The underlying data format is a JSON object that describes the content to be rendered by a supporting client. Eg here is a basic sample So they are a simple way of presenting information in consistent manner which  then makes deploying that same UI experience across multiple client forms factors (mobile,web,desktop) a lot easier.  Cards also allow you to define actions, so then the cards themselves can become a small app or part of an integration piece of a Line of Business workflow etc. Actionable Cards in Outlook have the ability to link with an Outlook Addin's see which starts to really extend what you can use cards for. This means your no longer just stuck in the limited feature set of Cards but you can use the richness available in the Outlook Addin framework . Email Security   Cards rel y o

Using the Office 365 Management Activity API from Powershell to audit Exchange and Office365

The  Office 365 Management Activity API is a REST endpoint that can be used to access audit events from user, admin, system, and policy actions and events in Azure and Office365 workloads (its been around for a while first appeared in 2015 in preview). Within Office365 there are many ways of accessing this type of information t he Primary UI these days for looking at auditing is the Unified Audit logs available in the Office365 Portal The advantage of using the Management Activity API over the portal is that  allows you to create more tailored reporting by accessing the raw data over a period of time (so writing your own user trend reporting) using a scalable API like REST (which if you have a lot of data to query is superior to using WinRM solutions using something like the Exchange Management Shell cmdlets). It also includes
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