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Using Office 365 Groups within the EWS Managed API

Office365 Groups (or unified\modern groups) is a new feature the was introduced in Office365 that Exchange Online is an active participant in by providing the Email/Conversation and calendar portions of this feature. Recently there was a new unified REST API released in preview  that I'll look at another day but with this post I want to look at just accessing the Exchange portion of the unified Groups using EWS and also we will take a look at how the config is stored in the mailbox. Accessing using the EWS Managed API If your following the changes to the EWS Managed API open source repository  support for reading the available Unified groups a Mailbox is a member of was added in April. This is done using the yet to be documented GetUserUnifiedGroups EWS operation. So if you have a version of the Managed API compiled from this source that includes

Working with Referance Attachments in EWS on Exchange Online

Last year a new feature was introduced into Exchange Online to allow you to create an Attachment where the Attachment resided on OneDrive rather then the traditional Email attachment approach you can read more about this here  there was also an Ignite session you can watch on how this has evolved . MAPI has always had a rich set of attachment types since Exchange's inception to deal with Rich Text Messaging eg the various attachment types you can encounter are listed in   . In EWS these attachment types where simplified some what into either Item Attachments (for Attached Store Items) or File Attachments. To cater for this new feature a new Attachment Type called a ReferenceAttachment has been introduced into EWS in Exchange Online. To see the ReferenceAttachmentType you need to have
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