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Add Delegates to a Mailbox with Powershell and the EWS Managed API

****Update if you looking for something to delete invalid delgates have a read of this as well **** ****Update 2  for a better post on adding/removing and updating delegates see   Someone emailed me about this one today and its one thing that can now easily be solved using the EWS Managed API. There’s already a good C# sample on MSDN for doing this . To convert this to something you can use in Powershell once you have downloaded and installed the EWS Managed API would look like the following below. This example sets the calendarpermissions to editor and the inbox to read for full details of what other permissions you can set have a look at the SDK . $delegatetoAdd = "" $dllpath = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\1.0\Mi

Using the EWS Managed API with powershell

If you missed it the first public beta of Exchange 2010 was released this week while I'm not one for getting two excited over beta's there was one other important release this week which was the beta release of the EWS Managed API . Why this is a little more exciting then a new version of Exchange is that you can actually start using this now to access Exchange Web Services on a Exchange 2007 Server. What makes this component a little more significant if you have done any programming in EWS even if it just sending raw XML to and from the server you may have noticed that at times this can be difficult and the interface isn't that intuitive. So what the EWS Managed API sets out to do is provide you with a interface that makes writing Exchange code a more intuitive experience by essential normalising the logic and the interfaces you use. While there are still some inescapable realities of writing Exchange code like Mapi properties etc (If you have missed them there has been so
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