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Using the Office365/Exchange 2016 REST API for working with Mailbox and OneDrive files/attachments

In my last post I demonstrated how to rewrite a simple download process script from using EWS to using the new REST API in Office365. This was an example of an Automation process that I first used in the early 2000's as back then email offered a ubiquity for a simple data transfer that even today is hard to do in some enterprises which is why that post has been so popular over the years. In this post I'm going to show you how you can make use of other Office365 endpoints available in the Graph API to basically take this old process and start improving on it. The particular Endpoint I'll be focusing on in this post is OneDrive  (or One Drive for business). I'll also be using my Exch-Rest Module  and taking advantage of all the existing code I've written for the interacting with  Exchange Online to interact with the OneDrive endpoint. And that really is the one great thing about the new Graph Endpoint is that all I've needed to do to ad

Simple scripted download Attachment using the Graph or Outlook Rest API in Office365

This is a rewrite of one of the more popular EWS posts ( original post ) on my blog about creating a scripted process that would download attachments from an email with a particular subject line in the Inbox and then mark that email read and move it to another folder in the Mailbox. In this post I'm going to go through a direct one to one rewrite of this script and talk about the comparisons between how you used the operations in EWS and now how you can do the same thing using the Graph or Outlook REST API. In another post I'll show an enhanced version that allows you to use the Graph API to save the attachment into another Graph endpoint such as OneDrive or SharePoint. For this script I'm using the Exch-Rest Module I'm currently building which is available on the powershellgallery and the source from Github . For this script I had to overcome an issue with the ConvertFrom-Json
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