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Sending a No Reply, No ReplyAll, No Forward Email using EWS and Powershell

I've you haven't seen this before Gavin Smyth from Microsoft Research put together this cool VSTO plugin to allow you to send an Email from Outlook that will disable the Reply, ReplyAll and Forward Buttons on the Outlook ribbon and the how to posts about the VSTO  . Note this only works in Outlook (not OWA or ActiveSync etc) but basically what a users would see when they receive a message is How this works is it sets the PidLidVerbStream Property on a message which is mostly documented in the  protocol document. I say mostly because the format you get when using the methods from the NoReply Addin is a little different from the format documented which is for Voting buttons but its good enough to work with. The Verbs that this property refers to a

Creating a Mailbox alias usage report with EWS and Powershell

Before starting this one I want to point out the method I'm going to demonstrate in this post is not the best method to use to do this. If you have Message Tracking available then you can do this much more accurately using the Message tracking logs.  But if you don't have this available to you or you just want to see what you can do with EWS then this is the post for you. Many people have one or more email addresses assigned to their mailboxes (they get referred to using different names alias's, proxyaddress's, secondary address's, alternate address's etc) but in Outlook and OWA it can be hard to see what email address has been used to send you a mail because of the delivery process and the way the addresses are resolved. To get the actual email address a particular email was sent to one workaround you can use in EWS is to use the PidTagTransportMessageHeaders property and then parse the TO, CC and BCC Headers (note generally the BCC header won't be there
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