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Using the Office365/Exchange 2016 REST API to access Mailbox data using PowerShell part 1

The Outlook REST API 's which are part of Office365 and Exchange 2016 is one of the ways new feature are being delivered for Mailbox clients which previously where delivered via EWS operations. They are also part of the Graph API which is Microsoft's envisioned unified data access API that has the ultimate goal of allowing you to access all your data endpoints via a single interface/endpoint. In this series of posts I'm going to be looking at writing a PowerShell module that uses the REST API to access Mailbox data and some of the new Exchange features like Groups and the focused Inbox. To keep things simple and flexible I'm not going to use any helper libraries (like the ADAL library or the Outlook Services Client) which I hope will make the script as portable and easy to use as possible with the one downside of while making the code a little more complex  I'm going to use the System.Net.HttpClient cl
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