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Finding Stale Address and Telephone information in the GAL with a script

I came across this while actually looking for something else but it does go some way to answering another question that gets asked occasionally. If you want to use the information in the GAL (eg Active Directory) for phone numbers and address’s ect how up to date is this information eg can I find out the last time it was updated. While maybe not 100% accurate one method that you maybe able to use is to use the Metadata from Active Directory which stores information about when the last time each property was updated and replicated in Active directory. To access the metadata from a script you need to use the iadstools.dll which comes as part of the Windows 2000/3 Support Tools package which can be found on the server CD in Support\Tools folder. Robbie Allen has put together a number of samples on using the objects in this DLL in his Active Directory cookbook which is worth checking out here . For this script I’ve expanded greatly on one of his samples by including a query of ever m

Powershell form for Reporting on all Appointments in all mailboxes on a Server using WebDAV

This is another script that's similar to the last few that I've posted in that its designed to query all the mailboxes on a given server and then report the information it finds. The way this script differs is that firstly its a powershell script and secondly it creates a little Winform gui to allow you to interact with the results of the query so its no longer just a static report. The layout it reports back in is two Listviews the first list view shows a summary of the number of appointments the WebDAV query finds for each mailbox and the second is activated when you click a row in the first list view which then shows a list of the appointments in the calendar of the mailbox selected. To make this a little more useful I've added a bunch of filtering options across the top so you can take the original data captured in the appointment query and filter it in a few different ways. Eg you can filter it by the last modified date so you could answer a question such as Show me al

Combined Summary and Audit VBS Script for all appointments in all calendars on a Server via WebDAV

This is a combination of two of my posts from last week the first was Euricelia's " Creating a Report of Meeting Organizers for all appointments in all calendars on a Server via WebDAV " script and then my " Creating a Summary Email of all appointments within a Users Calendar for given perio d" . This script goes through every mailbox on the server using WebDAV via the Exchange Virtual directory and produces a HTML report of all the meeting of all users on the server during the configured time period with Outlook hyperlinks to all the appointments. I've added two extra columns to this report the first is the free/busy status of the appointment (useful if you have change the free busy status of appointment in resource mailboxes) and also the new Time Zone Mapi property that Matt Stehle blogged about the other day. (This is displayed in the report as NewClients) which should show whether the rebasing tool has modified the appointment (whether its now set to t
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