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Where's CAS (lly) putting your CAS location on a map

As a bit of break from the EWS powershell series here is an interesting script that will show a Google Map of the location(s) of your CAS server's if you have them (In multiple Geographically locations) and the AD Site that the CAS Server is located in has the location property set in a format that can be Geo-coded by the Google maps API. For this script to work you must have set the Location property of the AD site where your CAS is located in and it needs to be formatted in a Geo-code format. eg  street, city, state, zip you can test it with eg my settings looked like  So lets look at how the script works first we have a Get-ClientAccessServer loop Get-ClientAccessServer | foreach-object{ The next thing the script does is jumps out to use ADSI to access the server object for the CAS $soSvrObject = [ADSI]("LDAP://" + $_.DistinguishedName.ToString()) This script then uses ADSI to grab

EWS Managed API and Powershell How-To Series Part 7 Using the Configuration Information Operation

In the past couple of posts I've been looking at using the special operations in EWS that allow you to access the unconventional data in a mailbox such as OOF, FreeBusy etc. In this post I'm going to look at accessing the FAI (Folder Associated Items) userconfiguration Items. These are used to store a lot of the Meta-Information for various mailbox functions such as the Master Category list, Works hours, OWA Signature and various other configuration options. The best documentation for the options and formats that are used to store config information in FAI Items is the following Exchange Protocol Document . Before looking at EWS you should consider whether using the Exchange Management Shell maybe a better option, most of the configuration Setting can now be set using EMS cmdlet's such as eg OWA Signature(Get-MailboxMessageConfiguration), WorkHours(Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration). With UserConfigura
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