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Moving Items into their own folder by a date range using the EWS Managed API and Powershell (attempting to reduce mailbox clutter)

Most people these days are on track to endless mailbox clutter based on an exponentially increasing number of email items that arrive every day. Also Shared mailboxes can soon become an administrative nightmare if mailbox content isn’t actively maintained and archived. One small way of trying to claw back some of this affect is to write a script that can organize messages into their own folder based on certain parameters. In Exchange 2007 (and now 2010) you can use the EWS Managed API to do this reasonably easy. You just need to split this up into some easy chunks of functionality that you can logically splice together. The first chunk is some code that will find the objects in question that you want to move in the EWS Managed API this involves setting up an appropriate search filter. Because I want to use a date range this means I need two search criteria meaning you have to use a searchfiltercollection with an AND logical operator. Sounds a little complicated but not really first we
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