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Breadcrumb auditing in Exchange 2010 with EWS and Powershell

Great strides have been made since Exchange 2007 SP2 with the introduction of more advanced audit levels into Exchange which have again improved in Exchange 2010 and again with 2010 SP1. Auditing however relies on a few things that after the fact of an event you may have wished to audit (or more likely a Superior wanting to know what mailboxes where accessed) . But like footprints in the sand when you walk along the beach many of the actions we do in Outlook do leave marks that the majority of people may not realize. One such mark in the sand that happens in your mailbox when using Outlook 2010 or OWA 2010 is when you access another users folder eg calendar, contacts etc is a wunderbar link gets added to the Common Views Root folder. What you can do with this little bit of information is deduce what other mailboxes a particular user has been access by enumerating the wunderbar links in the users common view folder. These wunderbar links are FAI (folder associated Items) so live in th
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