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Testing SMTP verbs and sending an alert based on the SMTP reply code

I had an interesting problem with a SMTP gateway this week because one of its internal processes had failed the server was processing mail down to the TO verb in the SMTP Protocol exchange and then failing with a specific Status code. Usually you could detect this type of fault by looking at growing queue sizes or delayed delivery times but I wanted a solution that would go out and proactively check the SMTP verbs on a mail server so I could make sure that I would be alerted if there was any issue with anything going on in the SMTP stack. A while ago I posted a SMTP test script for Powershell which simulated a telnet test against port 25 using Powershell. Using this as a base I streamlined the code to stop outputting information to the commandline and added some logic to parse the first 3 characters from the exchange SMTP response which will relate to the SMTP status code. If everything is going well with your SMTP box you should get a 250 status code see for a full list of stat

Using Exchange Web Services to create appointments in the Google Calendar using the Google Calendar API

I’ve being playing around with some code over the last couple of months for synchronizing an Exchange calendar with a Google Calendar using a SyncFolderItems operation on the EWS Side to get a list of updates from a calendar and using the Google .NET client library to create the appointments in a Google calendar. I did manage to successfully create something that was able to create appointments in the Google calendar based on the EWS output. I even got recurring events working by building some logic that converted the recurring output types that EWS uses into a RRULE that could be used in the Google calendar. But when I sat down to look at the rest of the synchronization logic I would need to write to get exceptions to recurring appointments,updates and deletes working the motivation to do this wasn’t really there so instead of just committing this to the back burner I thought I’d post the code which might help someone else out. The EWS SyncFolderItems operation is very similar t
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