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Pending Moderation Summary Report Email EWS/Powershell Script

This is a follow-up script to my last post about Moderation , This script produces a summary email of all the Pending Moderation Request email's from an Approver's Mailbox. The Summary basically consists of a HTML table where the Subject is Hyper-linked via the "Outlook:" + HexID link so you can double click the subject to open the approval email in Outlook (as long you have rights to the Approvers mailbox). To run the script there are three configurable variables $MailboxName = ""  - This is the Mailbox where the Approval email you want to report on are located $TimeFrame = (Get-Date).AddDays(-1) - This is the TimeFrame you want to query from eg this will just query for the last 24 hours $ReportAddress = "" - This is the Email address the Reports will be sent to I've put a download of this script here the script itself looks like $MailboxName =  ""    $TimeFrame = (Get

EWS Managed API and Powershell How-To Series Part 11 Moderation

Moderation is an Exchange feature that was introduced in Exchange 2010 that allows the Human control of mail flow to a distribution group or mailbox. There is a good Blog article that describes the process at In this installment of the How-To series I'll go through all the different ways in which you can use and manipulate moderated email via EWS.  Moderation Workflow The moderation process flows through a workflow so I'll look at the full process and show where EWS can be used along that way.  Before Send The first thing you can do is even before a message is going to be sent is to work out if its going to be moderated by using MailTips. Eg the following code will access the MailTip for moderation and show you if the recipient will be moderated. $MailboxName  =  ""           $Mailboxes  = @( "" , "" )        

Reporting and Clearing the SyncIssues, Conflicts, LocalFailures and ServerFailures using EWS and Powershell

The SyncIssues, Conflicts, LocalFailures and ServerFailures folders in a Mailbox are folders that "contain logs and items that Microsoft Outlook has been unable to synchronize with your Microsoft Exchange Server" which are described thoroughly in . From a operational perspective over a period of time these folders can fill up with items for a number of reasons or because of certain problems or third party products. So in this post I'm going to look at how you can use EWS to report and delete the content in these folders. Getting Access to the Folders There are two ways you could access these folders in EWS the first would be to do a conventional search for the displayname of the folder's using a FindFolder operation and a couple of Shallow traversals starting at the MsgFolderRoot. Or the other way which can deal with Localized foldernames and also reduces the number of o
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