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Sending a Message in Exchange Online via REST from an Arduino MKR1000

This is part 2 of my MKR1000 article, in this previous post  I looked at sending a Message via EWS using Basic Authentication.  In this Post I'll look at using the new Outlook REST API  which requires using OAuth authentication to get an Access Token. The prerequisites for this sketch are the same as in the other post with the addition of the ArduinoJson library  which is used to parse the Authentication Results to extract the Access Token. Also the SSL certificates for the  and need to be uploaded to the devices using the wifi101 Firmware updater. To use Token Authentication you need to register an Application in Azure  with the Mail.Send permission. The application should be a Native Client app that use the Out of Band Callback urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob. You need to authorize it in you tenant (eg build a small ap

Sending a Message via EWS from an Arduino MKR1000

The Internet of Things is all the rage these days and one of the most popular prototyping platform for any electronic projects these days is the Arduino. The new MKR1000 Arduino board combines the functionality from the Zero board with a WifiSheild on a compact board and pretty cheap $35. It looks like These boards are pretty cool and take you back in some ways to 80's with some of the programming challenges that come with memory restriction devices. Eg the MRK1000 has 32Kb of SRAM which is half that of Commodore 64 although it runs at 48Mhz vs the 1.33 Mhz the Commodore could manage (I know this isn't a fair technical comparison just trying provide a bit of contrast). The nice thing with this board also is because it implements a cryptoauthentication chip  it can do SSL communication which can be problem with low power boards because of the amount of processing power required for SSL. So at the bare bones this board can run code and logic that will allow HTTPS commu
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