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Using EWS to upload / set user photos in Exchange Online and 2016

Between Exchange 2013 and 2016 there where few new operations introduced into EWS, one operation that was introduced was the SetUserPhoto operation which pairs with the GetUserPhoto operation that was introduced in Exchange 2013. What this operation does is allows you to set/upload a high resolution photo for a user to be used in Exchange and Skype for Business in Exchange Online or Exchange 2016. A little bit more about the high ressolution user photo is that when you set this it uploads this as an item in the Non_IPM_Root of the Mailbox (so it is not visible to the user) with a message class of IPM.UserPhoto if you where to look at a Mailbox with a Mapi Editor you can see the object that this creates. eg If you look at the UserPhoto Object itself you can see the different size formats are stored ready to access in a number of different Binary Mapi properties eg So what the SetUserPhoto operation does is handles creating this object and all the different photo formats th

EWS Basics Accessing and using Shared mailboxes

One of the most commonly asked and misunderstood things that people starting out using Exchange Web Services get wrong is accessing a Shared Mailbox or a Delegated Mailbox other then that of security principal (another way of saying credentials) you are authenticating with. Autodiscover One of the first confusion points is with Autodiscover, for people who aren't that familiar with Exchange its important to understand that all Autodisover does is gives you the endpoint to connect to for Exchange Web Services. Some people confuse using the following line $service.AutodiscoverUrl("",{$true}) To mean all future EWS requests will go the mailbox you use here which isn't the case all this will do is return the most optimized endpoint for EWS request for that particular user. Authentication By default nobody has access to a Mailbox other then the owner of that mailbox, a common problem that people have is to believe they can use the admin accoun
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