Monday, March 24, 2014

Looking for your questions on Exchange extensibility for MEC

This blog has been a little quiet over the last month as I've been putting all my efforts into my MEC Talk which is now only a week away, but I should have a number of new posts soon after that.

In addition to this talk I am going to be moderating the Experts Unplugged: Exchange Extensibility session at MEC. If your interested in Exchange extensibility in any way this should be a really good session to attend, as we will be able to discuss exchange extensibility as a whole across EWS, Transport, Apps and Powershell and not just the individual components. The Panel for this session is made up of Subject matter experts from Microsoft who are responsible for designing,building, and directing the future of extensibility in Exchange. So this will be great opportunity for the community to come together and discuss where we are at with extensibility, some of new exciting stuff in SP1 and where we are going in the future. More importantly its your opportunity if you are attending MEC to give some feedback to the panel.

If you aren't able to get to MEC or you can't get to this session and you have a really good question (or piece of feedback) or something you would really like to see in Exchange extensibility. Please Email me or post your question as a comment on this blog entry and I'll try to include this in the discussion and get back to you with an answer of some sort. If you are going to attend this session and are a bit shy about asking questions you can also let me know your questions.

If you haven't heard already Exchange 2013 SP1 both (onPrem and Online) has been released bearing extensibility gifts, here are some pre reading links for some of the new SP1 bits and new Exchange Online bits that are worth reading on your way to MEC.

Compose Apps
EWS what's new in 2013 SP1 (and the new EWS Managed API 2.1)
(Exchange On-line and the new OData API)
Authentication and authorization using Common Consent Framework