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Finding the TimeZone being used in a Mailbox using EWS

If you ever have the need to create a number of events in user mailbox's from a central application or Script where the target Mailboxes span across different time zones then finding each target Mailbox's timezone is a critical thing. In this post I'm going to outline a few different methods of getting the TimeZone using EWS. If you have access to the Exchange Management Shell cmdlet's to find the users configured timezone you can use either the Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration or Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration cmdlets which show you the timezone settings of a Mailbox from the WorkHours configuration of that mailbox. The object in the Mailbox that the information is read from/stored in is the IPM.Configuration.WorkHours FAI (Folder Assoicated Items) object in the Calendar Folder of the Mailbox. So if you want to access the TimeZone setting in Mailbox just using EWS you need to Bind to this UserConfiguration object (FAI object) and then parse the TimeZone Settings ou
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