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Using the EWS FindPeople operation in Exchange 2013 and Exchange Online (2013)

In previous versions of Exchange accessing the Directory (or Global Address List) with EWS was limited to just resolving a specific entry or expanding a Distribution list. In Exchange 2013 the concept of the persona's has been introduced . To distill this down a little a persona allows you to have a Contact that can pull its related information from multiple sources while previously everything was just stored in one object in the Exchange Store. There are a number of new EWS operations to go along with personas and the Unified Contact Store the most interesting of these is the FindPeople operation which allows you to do something you couldn't do previously which is enumerate the entire GAL (or any other address list).  At this point I should make the point that the GAL is just one of the data sources that FindPeople can search you can also include searching the local contact folders.  To ab

Clearing the RSS Feeds folder in Exchange using EWS and Powershell

RSS feeds in Outlook is a nice feature that was added in Outlook, but for some organizations it may not be a desirable feature. While you can't delete the RSS Feeds folder itself as its on of Outlooks default folders you can easily remove each of the feeds and items from these folders using EWS's Empty folder operation . A couple of months back I posted a Language independent way of getting the RSS feeds folder using the PidTagAdditionalRenEntryIdsEx property  . This script can be easily modified to Empty the RSSFeeds folder eg  the following script binds to the RSS Feeds folder and use the Empty Operation with the parameter to also delete all sub folders under the RSS Feeds Folder. - I've put a download of this script here . ## Get the Mailbox to Access from the 1st commandline argument           $Mailbox
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