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Assigning categories based on the Attachments in a Message via a CDO 1.2 script

This is part 2 of a 2 part post of a few scripts to assign different colored categories to messages based on the type of attachments a message has. See the first post for information on how modify the Outlook 2007 categories’ This script handles enumerating the existing messages within a mailbox and then assigning categories (or keywords) based on the attachment types on the message. When I used this script I did every message in my mailbox which worked okay but because I was using Outlook in Cache Mode updating a lot a messages this way caused a major re-syncing or the cache (e.g. it seemed to pull down every message again that was updated with an attachment which can consume a lot of bandwidth if you have a large mailbox with large attachments). While this may be okay for some people this could cause some havoc in some networks so with this script I put a filter value so it will only update the messages that are less then 1 month old in the inbox. This could still be a conside

Adding Categories to the Master categories list in Outlook 2007 with a CDO 1.2 script

This is a two part post that I thought I’d separate this idea came from someone who asked about how you could group messages by their attachment types. Normally this would be a pretty hard thing to achieve manly because of the way attachments are stored doesn’t lend itself well to being grouped by in a search folder or an Outlook Customize view. But this got me thinking about what if you could use the new colored category feature in Outlook 2007 instead. Eg for each attachment type you have a separate color and Label. This works out pretty cool because you go from being able to look at your email and seeing that there is an attachment eg the paper clip icon to being able to look at a message and if you see a blue category mark you know that message has got an attachment and it’s a word document if it’s a green mark you know it’s a Excel document. You can then also create Views or Search folders based on the attachment categorization you could also could create an event sink or Notif

Event ID 1029 Audit Report for failed Folder Access script

A couple of weeks back someone asked about a script to get details of a folder from the FID (folder ID) that is captured as part of a Event 1029 if your doing audit logging as described on . PFDavadmin does a good job of querying and presenting this information in a format that is compatible with what you can retrieve from the event logs but when you do turn up logging to this level the number of event that gets logged can be a bit overwhelming to use this method. So I thought I’d put together a few scripts that could automate this process and produce an htm report at the end showing which folders where accessed and by whom. Instead of searching the Exchange store for each different event to find the related Folder what I did was come up with a script that would first query every folder in every mailbox in a mail store and then build and XML file that could then be queried by another script when it came time to produce a report. The report script when it runs uses WMI
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