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Using a System-assigned managed identity in an Azure VM with an Azure Key Vault to secure an AppOnly Certificate in a Microsoft Graph or EWS PowerShell Script

One common and long standing security issue around automation is the physical storage of the credentials your script needs to get, whatever task your trying to automate done. The worse thing you can do from a security point of view is store them as plain text in the script (and there are still plenty of people out there doing this) a better option is to do some encryption (making sure you use the Windows Data Protection API) eg . Azure also offers some better options with ability to secure the credentials and certificates in RunBooks, so it is just a few clicks in the Gui and some simple code to secure your credentials when using a RunBooks. In this post I’m going to look at the issues around storing and accessing SSL certificates associated with App only token authentication that you might be looking to use in Automation scripts. This is  more for when you can’t take advantage o
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