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EWS Outlook Quick Steps Powershell how to

Quickstep's in Outlook is a feature that was added in Outlook in 2010 to help automate repetitive tasks you do with Email in Outlook. In this Post I'm going to go through how you can manipulate the objects associated with Quick steps using EWS and PowerShell. How Quick Steps are implemented in a Mailbox The OuickSteps Folder is created by Outlook (eg no Outlook no folder) In the Mailbox's IPM Root as a hidden folder called Quick Steps (with a FolderClass of IPF.Configuration) and within this folder there are FAI (Folder Associated Items) which represent each of the QuickStep Items. On each of those there is a PidTagRoamingXmlStream property which contains a ByteArray that represents an XMLDocument for each of the QuickStep items for example they look something like <?xml version="1.0"?> <CombinedAction Ordinal= "3200" Tooltip= "" Icon= "MoveToFolder" Name= "Clutter" Version= "147153" >

EWS Contacts rollup Powershell module

In this post I'm going to try to rollup a number of different Contact Scripts I've posted over the past couple of years into one module that will hopefully make things a little easier to use when you want to do things with Contacts using EWS and Powershell I've put the code for this script up in GitHub repo  it's 1K+ lines and I hope to add a few more things to the script as I go (and fix bugs). But if anybody has idea's please use GitHub to submit them. You can download the script as a zip from here So here's what it can do at the moment Get-Contact   This can be used to get a Contact from the Mailbox's default contacts folder, other contacts sub folder or the Global Address List eg to get a contact from the default contact folder by searching using the Email Address (This will return a EWS Managed API Contact object). Example 1 Get-Contact -MailboxNam
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