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EWS Managed API and Powershell How-To Series Part 10 Message Classifications

In this part of the how-to series I'm going to look at message classifications and how you can make use of these in your EWS scripts. Message classification was introduced in Exchange 2007 to comply with Organization policies and regulations. Technical stuff The extended MAPI properties and X-headers that are used for classification are documented in the following protocol document .   Lets go over then quickly PidLidClassificationGuid is the extended property that contains the GUID of the classification that has been applied to a message. To work out these GUID's you need to use the Exchange Management Shell Get-MessageClassification cmdlet eg So the ClassificationID = PidLidClassificationGuid PidLidClassified : Is a Boolean property that tells if a message has been classified PidLidClassificationDescription : The property either represents the Recipient Description on a message that is re

How To Series Sample 7 : Reverse Delegate Permissions and Rights Report

The script expands on part 5 of the how to series and produces a reverse permission report of the delegates of all Mailboxes on a server or within a Exchange Org or Exchange Online tenant. This is to help show for a particular delegate what mailboxes that they have been given delegate rights to and if they can see private Items and do they receive Meeting forwards. This script is designed to be run from within a Remote Powershell session that is already connected to your Exchange 2010 org (or from a Exchange Online/Office365 remote Powershell session).  It uses Get-Mailbox to get all the mailboxes in your org and then it uses the EWS Managed API to connect to each mailbox and query the delegates. It then produces a CSV file that looks like If you want to understand how it works have a read of the How To Series posts and hopefully you should be able to work out how to customize it if you need to for your own environment. The Script as posted uses EWS Impersonation If you
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