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Exchange 2007 Mailbox Size Powershell Form Script version 3

Version 4 has now been released that includes mailbox quotas here I've been promising to update this for a while to fix a few issues and fulfill of few requests . I've switched the FolderSize code from using EWS to query the foldersizes to now use the Get-MailboxFolderStatistics Cmdlet instead. This makes the code a lot more functional and easy to use and doesn't require all that messing around with Impersonation and SSL (I kind of missed the whole Get-MailboxFolderStatistics cmdlet but it was fun building the EWS stuff anyway). I've also now used DataGrids to display the result which means it is now sortable (Yeah!) you can now sort to your hearts content on any of the displayed columns. The only thing with Datagrid 's because of the threading issue with Powershell i couldn't use the click event so to display the foldersize you need to select the mailbox you want to show and then click the Get Folder Size button. Another feature I've added is the ability

Script to find and fix mismatches between the Reply Address and Active Directory Mail property

The following script is an ADSI powershell script that can be used check and update any user accounts where you have a mismatch between the mail property in Active Directory and the Reply address that has been set for a users mailbox. If you’re running Exchange 2007 you might want to look at using Set-Mailbox –ApplyMandatoryProperties instead. This script is pretty simple it will look at any mail-enabled users and check the active directory mail attribute against the Identified Reply address. If any mismatches are found it will then prompt to ask if the user wants to update the Active Directory Mail property to be the same as the Reply Address. To guard against null address if a null property is founds the script will just echo out the account that is have a null property. I’ve created two version of the script the first just uses ADSI so it will work on any version of Exchange and will to scan the current domain the executing workstation is in the second uses get-mailbox in Exch
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