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Twitter a Exchange Calendar using Powershell and EWS - Exchange 2007

Micro-Blogging is one of the Web 2.0 technologies that has been getting a bit of run of late its one of the tools a seemingly new breed of politicians are using to garner support and awareness of their movements. But its also used by a growing number of everyday people and businesses as a method of pervaying certain messages and other sometimes seemly useless pieces of information. Maybe one of the keys to twitter's success is it fills the gap between availibilty and straight calendaring. I think the scope of what could be done with twitter when you start to intergrate this into traditional communication technology should see this technology expand even more (well as long as we get some creative people pushing the limits). Exchange mostly provides the same type of information in different formats so using the Twitter API and the Exchange API's you can start to combine the functionality of both systems to start providing different new funcationality. Eg in this sample Im using

Content Filtering System Whitelist GUI for Exchange 2007

If you’re using the built-in Content Filtering in Exchange 2007 on a Hub or Edge server you may want to take advantage of System white lists . But if you have used the Set-ContentFilterSetting cmdlet you may have noticed this isn't the most user friendly cmdlet. If you’re maintaining these lists on a regular basis you may really start to dislike the lack of a GUI well I certainly do so I built a pretty simple GUI to make managing the BypassedSenders and BypassedSenderDomains a more enjoyable experience. It’s pretty simple code first it uses Get-ContentFilterSetting to get the current setting of both of these properties and then displays then in a DatagridView. You can then add more entries or change existing entries by editing the flexGrid then when you hit the update button it will run back through the datagrid values and then creates a collection which is then used to update the ByPassedSenders or ByPassedSenderDomains properties. I've put a download of the script here the s

Adding a Public Contact Folder Search to the OWA 2007 Address book

Public folders are a great thing they increase the functionality of an Exchange server and while they can cause some support issues it’s great to see they will still be included in the next version of Exchange (it would be great to see them embraced as a feature instead of a burden as they provide some unique functionality you don’t get on other mail systems). One thing that Public folders can be used for is shared address lists with Outlook supporting the ability to add a Public Folder as an address list location in the Outlook Address Book. OWA has never provided this same functionality but for 2003 I came up with a small unsupported (hack) customization to add a public folder search option to the find address function see this post. On 2007 OWA was rewritten and WebDAV is no longer used by any of the OWA code but using the same underlying methods a similar public folder search option can be made available in 2007. Like before this involves modifying some of the OWA files which is
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