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Mailbox Folder Size comparison Powershell GUI

While updating the mailbox size GUI the other week and getting a grip on the Get-Mailboxfolderstatitics cmdlet I had a few ideas of some other cool stuff you could do with this. For example if I used this cmdlet to get all the mailbox folders sizes on a server and then put them into a ADO.NET datatable I then have the ability to do a whole bunch of funky data manipulation that can be used to produce a whole bunch of useful information. For example I can show in a datagird a comparison between the sizes of everybody’s inbox, Sent Item, Deleted Item’s etc. Which allows me to answer questions like? Who has the largest inbox on the server Which users have too many items in their Inbox How much each user has sitting in their deleted Items folder One of the Properties Get-Mailboxfolderstatitics also allows you to see is the age of the newest item in the folder. So this can come in handy if you’re looking for mailboxes that might no longer be in use because you will be able to see and c
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