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Sending a message with voting buttons using EWS

Voting button's in emails are one the long standing features of using Outlook with Exchange, in Exchange 2013 SP1 there is now support for responding to Vote requests with EWS . However there is still no direct support for sending a message with voting buttons in EWS, so in this post I'm going to show a method you can use to send a message with Voting Button in EWS by setting the PidLidVerbStream extended Property on a message which is documented in the  . I used this property a few months back in another script for stopping ReplyAll  on a message, this script uses much the same code with the addition of Hex values for the Voting options to include in the Message. Firstly each voting option you want to add uses the VoteOption Structure  . This is reasonable straight forward eg $ApproveOption = "0400000007417070726F76650849504D2E4E6F746500

Accessing the Clutter Folder with EWS in Office365\Exchange Online

To start off the new year I thought I'd look at how you can go about using some of the new features that are being introduced in Exchange Online. One of the big new features is Clutter which we all saw at MEC is Austin and is now being rolled out to Office365 tenants. If you don't know what clutter is check out  but basically it is Machine learning (AI or skynet for the paranoid) for your Mailbox. Machine learning is one of the fruits of increasing processing power and also the cloud in that software development/rollout cycles are now more closely aligned to what hardware can do. Keep in mind this is just the start of what the technology can do, there is just so far tweaking UI's can go so this to me is where the really exciting future of the tech is and I'm looking forward to see where this goes in the coming year. Back to the subject at hand when you enable Clutter you end up with a new folder in your M
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