Thursday, August 05, 2010

OT: Looking for work

After working for my last employer for a very long time (over a decade in relatively the same job and location) a couple of weeks okay I finally finished up there in the hope of establishing a better work/life balance.

So if your in need a of a overly creative Exchange Engineer/Developer/Scripter send me an email no job too big or small :) .



Anonymous said...

Sorry about your job. The android community is in great need of an exchange syncing task application (and an improved mail client for that matter), but a task app may be actually able to generate an income at least for the gap time.

Anonymous said...

Might want to take a look at this:

Glen said...

Problem with Android is user base the new Iphone in Australia sold out in a day meaning you have a large user base with excess cash who aren't scared to spend not sure about the Android crew.

@Dave thanks but that's a little bit of commute from Sydney :)

mutahir said...

Hi Glen,

The amount of scripts you have contributed to the community - I would say, think and design some sort of useful application in which you can incorporate your scripts ;

Like a console which have all of the cmdlets for different tasks.

You can further it up by creating different versions directed to different environments for e.g.

Single Exchange Box
Clustered Exchange Boxes and so on

You can also think about small apps:

1 - Public Folder Management & Permissions without outlook on the same LAN

2 - Utility for Multiple Mailboxes (like the script you posted quick create multiple mailboxes)

3 - Utility for Exporting / Importing Mailboxes (these can be done easily via outlook, powershell, mgmt. workstation, but what if there was a small utility just for this purpose on a LAN, you can quickly or slowly dump all psts on a network share.

I think you should put your skills to the above and start your own company - you can just have a website and have these apps there, see what the feedback is (which I am quite confident would be great).

Create your portfolio - (you already have) extend it further by writing articles, participating at technet forums (may get you a MVP) if you aren't already - experts-exchange etc


You can also create an iPhone app (but I am not sure what would that be) I am more inclined towards the idea of converting your scripts into applications as you already have the first spill on the canvas !

Please excuse me for the lengthy comment but that is what i would have said to a friend and you are in a way as your scripts have been very helpful and have assisted me a great deal in my past and present jobs.

YE MIN WIN said...

Hi Glen, All the best for you.. Thank you so much for you all your exchange article and script.

Anonymous said...

Glen, I am suprised that Microsoft hasn't already scooped up such gifted talent already? Perhaps now is their opportunity.