Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Simple Exchange Powershell Client V2

This has taken me a little longer then expected to update but I've finally created a version 2 of my simple powershell client script i posted here.

Firstly if you missed it the new version the EWS Managed API 1.1 has been released which allows you to access all the new 2010 SP1 functionality like archive mailboxes, dumpster v2 etc you can download this from here the new script requires this library.

The new features I've added to the script is firstly there is a Entry Point box that allows you to select what entry point you want.

The Non IPM Root is usefull if you want to look at the dumpster folders or other things in the Non_IPM_Root, Archive root takes you into the Archive mailbox if its exists for that user.

Another new edition is the ItemType box which allows you the select between being able to view the Normal Mailbox Items, FAI (Folder Associated Items) or Deleted Items (not really applicable for Dumpster v2).

Lastly because the new script is built for use with Windows 7.0 and Powershell V2 the right click menu for the datagird will now work okay so I've added the ability to once you select the Items in the datagrid you can rightclick and then Delete, Copy or Move the selected Items to another folder (the deletes are soft deletes).

I've put a download of the new script here

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Scott Bueffel said...

Glen, I have read your posts for many years, using your scripts as is or adapting them to my environments. This client is one of the coolest things you have written. Like MAPI Editor, a GUI interface to the Non_IPM_Subtree is very beneficial to administrators. Thanks for all you do for the Exchange developer/administrator community.