Friday, June 03, 2005

Shaping Outlook Version data with the Exchange_logon WMI Class

A different slant on this script I posted yesterday is if maybe your only interested in just displaying information about the different outlook versions people are using. So what this version of the script does is instead of shaping data from ADSI with WMI we take the Outlook version table from and this time put this in a disconnected recordset and then shape the logon data from WMI to this build table. Using the same trick I used previously you can then either display a table that just shows the count of each Outlook version being used or show a hierarchal view of Outlook versions per user.

To run the script it still takes two command-line parameters the first being the servername and with the second parameter there are 2 options which should be self explanatory

Detail - Show Details of exch Oulook version logged on
Count -Show just the count of Outlook versions logged on

I’ve put a downloadable copy of the script here