Monday, June 27, 2005

Setting the frame sizes in OWA 2003 programmatically

Had an Interesting question about adjusting the default frame sizes in OWA 2003 that I thought I’d share. In OWA 2003 there are two frames that a user can adjust the size off themselves and these changes are stored so that the next time the user goes into OWA the frame positions are remembered.

The left most frame which houses the navigation bar and OWA shortcuts is controlled via the property which exists on the root folder of the mailbox eg http://servername/exchange/mailbox. You may want to make it wider or narrower depending if your customizing other parts of OWA. The other frame that is adjustable in the right most frame which holds the preview pain. The size of this frame is controlled by the property which is located on the inbox folder eg (http://servername/exchange/mailbox/inbox).

Both these properties are integers and if I was to have a guess I would say the integers represent the size of the frames in pixels. If you want to modify the values you can use a WebDAV proppatch an example script would look like the following I’ve put a downloadable copy of this code here . Setting this property doesn’t affect the user’s ability to resize the frame themselves.

servername = "servername"
mailbox = "mailbox"

xmlhdr = "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8"" ?>"
xmlhdr = xmlhdr & "<D:propertyupdate xmlns:D=""DAV:"" xmlns:a="""">"
xmlhdr = xmlhdr & "<D:set>"
xmlhdr = xmlhdr & "<D:prop>"
xmlftr = xmlftr & "</D:prop>"
xmlftr = xmlftr & "</D:set>"
xmlftr = xmlftr & "</D:propertyupdate>"

sDestinationURL = "http://" & servername & "/exchange/" & mailbox & "/"
xmlstr = xmlhdr & "<a:webclientnavbarwidth>200</a:webclientnavbarwidth>" &
df = sendrequest(xmlstr,sDestinationURL)

sDestinationURL = "http://" & servername & "/exchange/" & mailbox & "/inbox"
xmlstr = xmlhdr & "<a:wcviewwidth>400</a:wcviewwidth>" & xmlftr
df = sendrequest(xmlstr,sDestinationURL)

function sendrequest(xmlstr,sDestinationURL)
Set XMLreq = CreateObject("Microsoft.xmlhttp") "PROPPATCH", sDestinationURL, False
XMLreq.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/xml;"
XMLreq.setRequestHeader "Translate", "f"
XMLreq.setRequestHeader "Content-Length:", Len(xmlstr)

If (XMLreq.Status >= 200 And XMLreq.Status < 300) Then
Wscript.echo "Success! " & "Results = " & XMLreq.Status & ": " &
ElseIf XMLreq.Status = 401 then
Wscript.echo "You don't have permission to do the job! Please check your
permissions on this item."
Wscript.echo "Request Failed. Results = " & XMLreq.Status & ": " &
End If
set XMLreq = nothing
end function

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