Sunday, August 26, 2012

MEC from a developers perspective

The Microsoft Exchange Conference or (MEC as it is affectionately know) is being held in Orlando next month for the first time in 10 years.  . 10 years is a long time and in Technology even longer for example since the last MEC was held we have had

  • Blackberry's (started to appear around the last time MEC was held and starting to disappear now)
  • First IPhone June 2007 , ITunes and pretty much the whole Apps concept
  • First Windows Smart Phone (Pocket PC 2002)
  • Social Networking
  • FaceBook Feb. 4, 2004
  • Twitter November 4, 2008

 The term wave is used in the IT industry to convey the way in which different technologies wash through the rest of our lives and affect the way in which we work and relate to the world in general. In the later part of 2012 we are on the crest of another wave with all the following on the way or released already.
  • Windows 2012
  • Exchange 2012
  • Surface
  • Windows 8
  • IPhone 5 and Android Tablets and phones

 The great thing about technical conferences is that there are so many to choose from these days but MEC is special, because its no only just focused entirety on Exchange but because many of the sessions will be given are by the people responsible for producing and delivering the product. New products offer new work and opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs a like. MEC will really be the first and best opportunity to learn in-depth the changes and new opportunities the next version of the Exchange will give, as well as maybe learning a few things you don't know about current versions and making those important connections with your peers in the community and industry.

While like most conferences MEC is more aimed at the IT Pro rather then specifically for developers here are a few sessions any self respecting Exchange Dev shouldn't miss.

Apps for Outlook and OWA [E15.307]