Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Using eDiscovery to do a Multi Mailbox search for Mailbox Item Statistics in Exchange

eDiscovery in Exchange 2013 and above has a multitude of uses when it comes to both data discovery and also reporting. One thing you can do with eDiscovery is run a single Query across multiple mailboxes using one request. A couple of month ago I posted this eDiscovery Powershell module on GitHub . This module has a number of cmdlets that does single mailbox queries using eDiscovery so I've created a new cmdlet Search-MultiMailboxesItemStats  for doing Multi Mailbox queries. This allows you to pass in an array of mailboxes you want processed and it will return statistics about how many Items and the Size of those items in bytes based on that query. For example to Query the number of Email received in the last month across a number of mailboxes use

Search-MultiMailboxesItemStats -Mailboxes @('mailbox@domain.com','mailbox2@domain.com')  -QueryString ('Received>' + (Get-Date).AddDays(-31).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd"))

And it will output something like

Or if you just want to look at the email that came from a specific domain you could use

Search-MultiMailboxesItemStats -Mailboxes @('mailbox@domain.com','mailbox2@domain.com')  -QueryString ('Received>' + (Get-Date).AddDays(-31).ToString("yyyy-MM-dd") + " AND From:yahoo.com")

another example eg search for the number of contacts in each Mailbox

Search-MultiMailboxesItemStats -Mailboxes @('mailbox@domain.com','mailbox2@domain.com')  -QueryString 'kind:contacts'

The latest version of the module is posted up on GitHub here or you can download a copy from here